Family & Pets


In our experience, children tend to learn German quicker than adults and immersion in the German school or kindergarten system is a great way to speed up the learning process! Depending on the age of your children and the stage they’re at in their studies you may also wish to consider an international school. We can help you to check in advance if an international school at your destination has available spaces and provide an overview of the German School and day care system.

Our Family Package includes:

  • Consultation on the German school and kindergarten system
  • Search for available places according to defined preferences
  • Up to 3 accompanied visits to schools/ kindergartens
  • Application for the school/ kindergarten of choice


If you decide your beloved pets must become expats too, it is important to discuss the process with Local-Worldwide right at the beginning as pets from certain countries have stringent importation and quarantine rules, and require a good deal of pre-departure preparation.

Our Pet Package includes:

  • Consultation about rules for import and quarantine
  • Organizing vet appointment after arrival to introduce pet and assignee to local English speaking vet
  • Support in finding holiday care/ day car for your pet
  • If applicable: dog tax registration


You would like to know how others think about our service and if they are happy with Local-Worldwide? Have a look at the companies we have supported over the years – Local-Worldwide has been a valuable partner to companies and expatriates in numerous German cities since 2007.



Let Local-Worldwide guide you through all Visa and Residential applications, local regulations and documents that are needed to immigrate with ease.


Our Locations

Local-Worldwide Consultants are available throughout Germany. We interact with international specialists and executives from industry, trade, production and service and offer highly professional and efficient assistance in relocating to Germany.


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