German wide COVID-19 regulations

German wide COVID-19 regulations as of November 8th:

Country-specific travel warnings apply due to the pandemic. You can find out which countries are
affected and which regulations apply in other countries on the website of the Federal Foreign Of-

Please find out about the entry requirements there before you start your journey. Entry from
Germany is currently not possible in many countries.

Since August 8, 2020, travelers from risk areas are obliged to take a corona test at the request of
the responsible authorities. Here you will find the most important questions and answers.

Entry from a risk area

You have to consider:

Are you entering Germany and have been in a risk area in the last 10 days before entering the
country? Then you have to go home immediately after arrival – or to some other accommodation
at the destination – and isolate yourself for 10 days (quarantine at home). The federal and state
governments have agreed on these regulations. Note: The quarantine regulations are implement-
ed through statutory ordinances of the federal states. Ultimately, the law of the federal state into
which you are entering or in which you are staying is binding. Please also note possible exceptions
to the quarantine obligation under the law of your federal state (in particular those passing
through and cross-border commuters).

Since November 8th, you have to register via a digital entry registration if you have been in a
risk area up to 10 days beforehand. On the homepage you
give the information about your stays of the last 10 days. After you have given all the necessary
information in full, you will receive a PDF file as confirmation. Your carrier will check that you can
present a confirmation before the carriage. Otherwise, a promotion cannot take place. If, in ex-
ceptional cases, it is not possible to submit a digital entry registration, you must fill out a replace-
ment notification in paper form instead.

The health department can ask you to present a negative test result within 10 days of entry or, if
you do not have such a result, to take a test.

The test is free for people entering from risk areas within 10 days of entry until December 1st. You
can get information on the telephone number 116 117 or on the Internet at
where you can take a test near your home. If you want to be tested by your family doctor, you
should definitely call them beforehand.

It is important that you are in quarantine until you have the test result.
During the quarantine it is not allowed to leave the house or apartment and receive visitors. Don’t
forget: This measure is to protect your family, neighbors and everyone else around you. Violations
of the quarantine rules can be punished with fines!

The quarantine at home can usually be ended after five days at the earliest, even with a negative
test result. Please note the regulations of your federal state for the quarantine regulations. You can find out whether you have stayed in a risk area from the list from the RKI.

Many countries outside Europe belong to the risk areas. If you have any questions about the quarantine regulations, it is best to contact your local health
department directly by entering the post code of your destination in Germany –

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