Happy New Year

Local Worldwide Relocation wishes our clients and partners worldwide a good start to the new year.

This year we will continue to see changes for immigration and citizenship laws in Germany. More specifically the dual citizenship law will be further discussed and if approved could go into effect this April.  In June, candidates can apply for the Opportunity Card. Stay tuned for more updates.

Many see the New Year as a moment to make big personal changes. What do new year’s resolutions look like for expats? Applying to transfer a foreign driver’s license, start learning the local language, ensuring my kids can read and write in my native language, seeking out professional development that might lead to the next transfer, selecting new cities to explore this year and more. 

Here in Bremen, the month of January often brings cooler temperatures mixed in with rain-and light snow-showers. Without the glow of lights from Christmas Markets and Mulled wine stands throughout the city, the month can seem very dreary. On my list is to get outside more. First on my list is heading to Bremen‘s Lichter der City, where the facades of historical building, churches and more shine with colorful displays. Now in its fourth instillation, this year’s moto is „Farbenspiel“ (Play of Colors) and will run daily from 16:30 to 21:30 pm through Sunday, 14. January. There’s also a special finale on 13. January in conjunction with the Bremer Carnival.

Join us next week from more information about daycare and kindergarten registration.

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