Intercultural Training

Intercultural training

Globalization and demographic shifts lead to a growing number of worldwide experts working in German companies and support German workforce. For them, this new start often represents a large professional, cultural and personal challenge. Companies and institutions that address their concerns early on have a clear advantage – avoiding frustration on both sides and decreasing the likelihood that the newcomers’ contracts will be prematurely terminated. Local-Worldwide provides support for employees by offering an in-depth look into “typically German” behaviors as well as tips for successful integration.

House & Home

Let Local-Worldwide help you to find the best property for you in a good location. We can be your invaluable navigator in the very competitive and fast moving property market



Let Local-Worldwide guide you through all Visa and Residential applications, local regulations and documents that are needed to immigrate with ease.


Family & Pets

Let Local-Worlwide support your whole family with the relocation process – finding the right school, the Kindergarten, the vet and best places to make new friends.


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