Settling in & Moving out


The most comfort in daily life is only possible because things ‘just work’- you have bank account and debit cards, internet at home is up and running, you are registered with your utility providers for heating, water and electricity. Your car is registered at the city council and so are you.
All these things need to be set up from scratch when arriving in a new country – some of these tasks can be ready even before your arrival and others are timed during the first couple of days in the new city. Local-Worldwide will surprise you by how fast we can tick all the boxes on your ToDo list.

Our SettlingIn Package includes:

  • Local address registration
  • Bank account opening
  • Car registration
  • Internet and mobile phone provider set up


When it is time to move again your thoughts are already at the new destination and setting up house and home aboard. But all loose ends needs to be tight up and your departure needs to be organized – contracts need to be cancelled, authorities need to be informed, your house needs to be handed back to the owner, etc… Local-Worldwide can take care of all that needs to be done, most of it even on your behalf.

Our MovingOut Package includes:

  • Cancellation of contracts
  • Closing your bank account
  • De-registration from authorities
  • Handing back the house
  • Monitoring the deposit return

House & Home

Let Local-Worldwide help you to find the best property for you in a good location. We can be your invaluable navigator in the very competitive and fast moving property market.



Let Local-Worldwide guide you through all Visa and Residential applications, local regulations and documents that are needed to immigrate with ease.


Expense Management

Let Local-Worldwide manage your relocation and assignment expenses. Advancing fees, paying rent and deposit and budgeting the 3rd party costs which you should be aware of within the relocation process.


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